Star Trek Romulan Ale

With talk of the new Star Trek movie on the horizon (2016? Here’s hoping!), we thought we would share a sneak peek recipe for Romulan Ale from the upcoming Geeky Chef Cookbook. This drink is perfect for binge watching the entire series, although we recommend not using this one for any Star Trek drinking games. It’s as intense as the Romulans and will leave you with a pounding headache.

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Romulan Ale
Excerpted from The Geeky Chef Cookbook by Cassandra Reeder

Star Trek is the mostly popular science-fiction creation of all time. If you’re about to say anything or even think anything about Star Wars right now: shhh, stop. Star Wars is not hard science-fiction, it’s a space opera. Okay, yes, technically space opera is a sub-genre of science-fiction, but still, it’s like comparing GWAR to Fleetwood Mac. You ever wonder why some nerds get so upset if you confuse the two? This is why. I’m not implying that either is better than the other, just that they are not comparable.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk Romulan Ale. This alcoholic drink made an appearance as far back as in the original series and was even drunk in The Wrath of Khan. Romulan Ale has a characteristic bright blue color, though the shade of blue does vary by appearance. Little is known about the taste of the drink but what is for sure is that it’s extremely potent and causes some killer hangovers. Romulans are sort of reoccurring “villains” in Star Trek (they have really never been on good terms with The Federation) so Romulan Ale is illegal… though it’s outlaw status might also have something to with the hangovers. What I created is bright blue and tastes kinda like a chocolate orange. It has a nice sweet and sour thing going on, just like the Romulans. It also works very, very quickly, though it’s easy to drink. I hope you enjoy it, because you won’t enjoy it so much tomorrow!

Makes 1

1oz Blue Curaçao
1oz Rum (151 proof)
1oz Cream De Cacao
Blue Cream Soda to taste
3–5 drops Orange or Chocolate Bitters to taste (both work well)

Pour all ingredients except Cream Soda into and ice-filled cup of your choice and stir. Top off the drink with as much cream soda as you desire.

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