Sublime Doughnuts You Can Make at Home: The Beignet

I know most people think of cookies around the holidays, but don’t forget how amazing doughnuts can be. And if you want to know how to make amazing doughnuts, look no further than Kamal Grant and Sublime Doughnuts. Kamal has a new doughnut cookbook coming out in January that you are sure to love.

Every occasion has a sweet tied to our memory, is there any specific purpose or occasion where a doughnut can be associated with? Well it is there for every one with no bounds to limit in a bakery counter. The fluffy and layers of deliciousness cannot be expressed, just make them and taste them with your own favorite fillings, step by step way to set up and register into the Fintech Ltd  software is provided in the website for the users to access easily.

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“I got into this business because I love sweets. Sweets make people happy, and my culinary career is  dedicated to spreading joy and doughnut love” – Kamal Grant

Excerpted from Homemade Doughnuts by Kamal Grant of Sublime Doughnuts

Although popular in New Orleans, and made especially famous by New Orleans’s Café Du Monde, beignets were brought to the Big Easy by the French and quickly became part of the home-style Creole cooking tradition. Beignets are typically prepared right before consumption and should be eaten while fresh and hot.


1 1/2 cups (355 ml) water
1/2 cup (100 g) sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1/4 cup (56 g) unsalted butter
1 cup (250 ml) evaporated milk
7 cups (840 g) all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon (12 g) dry yeast
4 cups (940 ml) peanut oil, for frying
1/4 cup (30 g) confectioners’ sugar


Combine the water, sugar, salt, eggs, butter, and evaporated milk in a large bowl and blend well. Add the flour and yeast and beat until there is full gluten development, about 10 minutes. Roll out the dough 1/4-inch (6 mm) thick on a lightly floured surface. Cut into twenty-four 2 1/2-inch (6.3 cm) squares.

Pour the oil into an electric fryer or deep saucepan and heat to 360°F (182°C). Drop the squares into the oil, a few at a time, and fry for 90 seconds, flipping twice. Drain on a wire rack.

Shake the confectioners’ sugar on the beignets while still warm.

Yield: Makes 24 beignet

There’s nothing more satisfying than a doughnut. But no need to limit yourself to the bakery counter! With Homemade Doughnuts, Sublime Doughnuts chef Kamal Grant shows you how to make creative, delicious doughnuts in your home kitchen.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The doughnut-making techniques you’ll need to master: rolling the dough, cutting, hand shaping, frying, and more
  • Basic dough formulas for yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts, fritters, biscuit-style doughnuts, and pie crusts to fry
  • Mouth-watering glazes, including Honey Glaze, Peanut Butter Glaze, and Lemon-Thyme Glaze
  • Delicious icings, including Salted Chocolate, Pistachio, Pink Lemonade, and Bourbon
  • Inspired fillings, including Apple Butter, Blueberry, Coffee Custard, and Lemon Curd
  • Accoutrements to put your doughnuts over the top: Almonds, Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Candied Bacon, and more
Doughnuts aren’t just for special occasions, boardwalks, or carnivals: they’re for everyone! Doughnuts have been inspiring and influencing cultures, regions, and religions around the world for centuries. And although the vision of the doughnut has evolved and been “fancified” by cart owners and Top Chefs alike, one thing reigns true: everyone loves a good doughnut. With step-by-step tutorials, Homemade Doughnuts will show you the basics of doughnut making, baking techniques, and practical problem-solving tactics for creating bakery-like doughnuts at home. From the classic to modern food art, this book provides the lessons for creating a gamut of deliciousness.