Tether Your Investments To The Tether Coin

Tether Your Investments To The Tether Coin

The world of cryptocurrencies is filled with many opportunities and the Tether coin is just one among the many. Moreover, Tether tokens have been receiving positive review since its launch. Here is a sneak peek into what the Tether coins have to offer to its crypto investors.

Tether Facts

  • It was earlier known as the Real coin.
  • Tether is the fifteenth biggest digital currency in the world.
  • It is issued in limited numbers by the Tether Limited.
  • The market capitalization of the Tether tokens is estimated to be approximately $2 billion, as of 2018.

Advantages of holding Tether

  • It is as stable and as volatile as the US dollar. Hence, the risk associated with Tether investments are also less.
  • Transactions made using Tether are less expensive in terms of transaction costs and fees.
  • The tether can be used to purchase other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Litecoin.
  • Amongst all digital currencies, Tether is believed to rank the third most position in terms of trading in the stock market.
  • Further, Tether also employs the Blockchain technology making it secure, when compared to other open Blockchain developed technologies.
  • In addition, Tether is backed to at least one traditional currency, thus making it a safe haven for investors.
  • Tether is also highly integrated, allowing you to trade on almost any exchange platform.
  • Tether investments are not only safe but also transparent, as daily and regular audits ensure that no unfair dealings occur.

Some Concerns

  • Tether has been facing the heat of some negative news from the US CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). However, these have not known to hamper the market sentiments of Tether.
  • News of coin manipulation has also been doing the rounds but as long decentralization is the norm, manipulation should be controlled.
  • Moreover, there is a potential damage that is looming not just around Tether but over other cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Further, there have been concerns regarding the reserves of Tether, which could affect its market price. Nevertheless, this problem can be overcome if the company offers more transparency.

The future of Tether

Today, cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of our everyday lives and Tether is something that is worth looking at. It is gaining traction from all over the world mainly because it does not worry its investors in terms of volatility, regulation, and security.