Do We Really Need A Broker?

The ultimate aim of investing in stocks or real estate is, of course, to earn higher monetary benefits. Once, we come up with the decision to invest, after a lot of research, without any further hesitation, we should jump into the market. Everyone needs a third party or an intermediate who knows the trends of the market for better guidance and negotiation.

Brokers play a crucial role in any trade. They act as mediators between the buyer and the seller, be them an individual or a company, and ensure smooth flow of the entire thing.  Based on the market area in which they operate, brokers fall in any one of the categories below:

Mortgage broker: They help in arranging loans for property or asset and act as a bridge between the borrower and the lender. Mortgage brokers work closely with the mortgage lender, takes care of all the paper works which include the income certificate, employment documentation of the borrowers and assess their ability to secure the loan. The orientation fee is paid on behalf of the borrower to the broker. In addition, they offer financial advice to the client.

Real estate broker: A licensed real estate broker helps with the sale of land or a house. They are responsible for writing contracts and monitor the transactions for buy and sale of the properties. A high level licensed broker can hire one or few brokers under them. They arrange and coordinate the buyers to visit the properties and explain things on spot. The real estate brokers get the commission from both the parties depending on the volume of the transaction taking place.

Online trading brokers: They are stock market experts, who are active 24×7, observing the market in real time, thereby advising and escorting the clients towards safer purchase and sale. They are offered different brokerages depending on their experience and expertise level. QProfit System is a well-known trading software, which hires and operates through online brokers, who takes less brokerage fee comparatively. A good stock broker is a source and powerhouse of economic and financial knowledge.

In addition to the above said, insurance brokers and Forex brokers are there to help with foreign exchanges and insurance policies in customer’s best interest. They actually reduce our stress and speed up the whole thing. Even after the advent of new technologies and software, which are partially or fully automated, the role of the brokers is indispensable and irreplaceable.