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The Benefits Of Investing In A Mutual Fund Scheme Through An SIP

The Benefits Of Investing In A Mutual Fund Scheme Through An SIP

SIP or the systematic investment plan is a way to invest in mutual fund schemes. This is not a lump sum payment but regular payments to be made at equal intervals. The investor can choose the period of investment which could be as low as a day or spaced apart as quarterly.

The SIP lets one invest into the fund in a recurring manner. The amount of the SIP gets debited from the investors account as per the time period is chosen by him. This helps to build financial discipline and the investor when invests regularly sees his wealth grow.

The benefits of starting a SIP

An SIP investment is a preferred mode of investment for those who cannot time the market. This is because it helps you to average out your purchases. The benefits of investing into SIP are:

  • It helps in rupee cost averaging

The this means that when the market is volatile then the investor does not have to get worried. The SIP lets they invest regularly in the market and thus you can buy the units at regular time period irrespective of what the market is doing. So you buy when the market is at a high and buy when the market is at a low. This helps you to average out your investments.

  • The power of compounding

Compounding said to be the eighth wonder of the world. This has many benefits and when you invest in small amounts but regularly your money gets reinvested and grows to a big amount

  • SIP lets you save in a disciplined manner

SIP investments instill discipline and thus you are now committed to save regularly and build your wealth

  • SIP gives you the flexibility

You can choose the amount that you want to invest as well as the time period of the debit from your account to buy the SIP units. This means that investing in SIP is very flexible


  • Investing in a SIP is hassle free

You do not have to depend on anyone to start a SIP account. Just open one online and then give the standing instructions to your bank for the fund house to debit the SIP amount each month.

SIP is a great way to invest in the market and it is beneficial for those who are not knowledgeable or do not have the time to track the market. It is also the best option for those who have just started to invest in the market through Qprofit.

Why Should You Invest Through An SIP

Why Should You Invest Through An SIP

Investing in mutual funds has many benefits. Your account is managed by a professional fund manager and you are able to participate in the stock market rally which lets your money grow.

Investing in equities is risky but the returns that this investment offers to you are great. This is why it is highly recommended that some portion of your investment should be inequities.

Mutual fund investments great way to get exposure in the equity market. And the best way to do so is by opting for a SIP or a systematic investment plan.

WhatIs A Systematic Investment Plan Or SIP?

When you wish to invest in a mutual fund scheme you could either choose to invest a lump sum amount of money or choose a SIP. Investing through SIP is hassle free and this lets you invest small amounts of money in regular time intervals. This does not cause any burden to you financially and at the same time, your risk is spread out.

When you invest through the SIP route you have a discipline of saving money and this, in turn, helps you to build wealth.

How Does SIP Work?

The investment through SIP is flexible and easy. The amount gets debited from your account every month or the time period that you choose and this money is used to buy the units of the mutual fund. The unit is purchased on the market rate or that day.

Every time you invest money the units gets allotted to you at the prevailing market rate. This lets the investor average out his investments.

This is highly beneficial in Qprofit because even the experts will never be able to time the exact high and the exact low of the market. But with a SIP investment plan, you buy units, both when the market is at its peak and when the market is at the lows and thus your average buy price is good.


The volatility in the stock market is what makes investors shy away from investing in it. They feel scared and get out of their investments fast. This is because they are unable to time the market properly. But with a SIP this problem is solved. When you invest through a SIP it is not the timing of the market that is important but how long you stay invested in the market is what pays.

Know The Best Features Of Digital Options

Know The Best Features Of Digital Options

Trading tools are highly important when it comes to online trading in the financial markets, continuous innovation and trading techniques help the traders to address new investors who are keen on trading smartly and effectively. Certain tools combine the feature of Binary as well as a classic traditional way of trading, digital options have the advantage of certain features to be updated by the trader as per their convenience and exposure they want in the trading markets. The profits and the risk of every trade will depend on the manually chosen price that is a strike in the execution of the trade.

Know more about Digital Options

  • the trade options provide a high degree of flexibility to the trader and a good potential to make profits with the binary options trade signals used
  • the added feature is that the broker can vary the price before the strike to increase the profit potential
  • while the price is moved closer to the current level, the risk is mitigated and ultimately the profit is maximized to a great extent
  • another way out is to take a higher risk and push the price higher than the current level to increase the chances of making a profit
  • the digital option can be sold any time before the expiration date, the time is crucial when it comes to choosing between one to five minutes
  • the flexibility to sell it any point of time from the trades executed form the software platform Qprofit  can opt if the trader feels that the signal is incorrect
  • choosing the desired asset, picking the expiration date and the amount of money to be invested are the three main parameters that are required to be cautiously filled in by the trader
  • depending on the other factors it is risky to choose some pricing that is far away from the current level, even unwise to the desired level of pricing, that could additionally increase the risk in trading with an algorithm based QProfit System software


The Digital options once chosen will expire only when the actual pricing in the market is identical to the strike price, for exercising the call option, the price chosen should exceed the strike price by one pip. Similarly, for executing the put option the price should not fall beyond one pip than the strike price. Effective risk management and allocating a minimal percentage of the capital for trading with the digital option will hold good only in the short run.









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