Month: April 2015

What are the facilities offered

It is time to stop worrying about the brokers eating away your profits from trading. A majority of us look for the commission rates, better known as the leverage ratio of brokers more than any other feature and probably chose one with the lowest ratio. This can lead other problems as there are more important technical features of automatic trading software than the brokerage alone. When the strategies are loosely built, the trader is more likely to lose, let alone the commission amount.

What could be the solution? A crypto trading robot without commission! And that is a reality now. The new bot in the arena has twin modes of function. The trader can use the existing trading platform using a specific user ID or create his own trading robot using the instructions given on the site. The framework, base programming language, commands, and encryptions are given in options in the same site. A recent full review of the new trading-cum-designing platform has put in the first place among the most welcomed trading robots of the year.


What are the facilities offered


This is a wallet-cum-exchange software, that is, you can store your cryptocurrencies as well as exchange and carry out transactions using them. An international shopping is also easily done using the coins in your wallet.

Apart from the twin mode of usage, another standout facility of the robot is that the user can win profits from the virtual currencies either by trading through the software downloaded and installed on the system or on robots in the cloud storage running on proprietary servers of the broker. This new method is fully automatic and does not require you to install any software on your system.

If you are concerned about the security of your money, financial and personal details on cloud sharing, it will be a relief to know that only the most essential information is used by the bot and it does not store any of your data on the cloud. A two-way authentication security code and encryption-proof data transmission channels add to the security provisions.


The bot supports all the major and regional currencies for storage and exchange. You can trade and shop in the live market as well as use any of these currencies for backtesting the numerous trading strategies we have designed for you. If you find any strategies capable of earning you extra income, trade them on the same platform without any additional process. There are more than 50 such strategies available on our website.


As we highlighted in the beginning, you can utilize all these services without paying a single unit of currency as commission. Trading efficiency without brokerage is our promise.