Month: November 2014

Use Your Bitcoins In These 5 Places

The uncomplicated ways available in earning the Bitcoins urge anyone and everyone to venture the practice. If you are unaware that such ways are in existence, see this site to learn about one. These ways are not only uncomplicated, indeed, profitable, which means you could become the proud owner of the popular Bitcoins, assuredly. So, what to do with these coins now? Are they only for the future financial purposes? We are sure that you would be pondering these questions in your mind, for which we have some 5 amazing suggestions.

Bitcoins, unlike what you assume, can be used to satisfy your needs, right now, with these 5 amazing options as the starters!


  • Plan your sojourn stay

Booking the hotels at your vacation destination is now easy and possible using the Bitcoins, as the popular travel site Expedia has taken the initiation! Yes, when you book your hotels through this site, you would be allowed to make your payments using the Bitcoins that are subjected to the website’s specific ‘Terms & Conditions’, naturally!


  • Procure your household goods

This famous internet retailer is also famous for their Bitcoin way of facilitating the purchase process, which led them to earn more than 3000 orders, in the very first month of introducing this option! A perfect proof that the Bitcoins are a rewarding option for anyone and everyone in favor of them!


  • Enjoy your favorite games

Indeed, unsurprising that this pioneer digital currency has made its way into the digital world, where the ever-popular computer giant Microsoft, now, allows its users and fans to purchase their games using the Bitcoins. Not only the favorite games, even the favorite apps and movies available through the Microsoft can be purchased using the Bitcoins, securely and cost-efficiently!


  • Purchase your computers

Dell is a household name when it comes to the computers, which is now becoming a household name in the Bitcoins’ way of transactions too. Through Dell’s online store, you are allowed to purchase their products using the Bitcoins, with the perfect guidance on the same.


  • Watch your favorite programs

See what all can be done if you own the Bitcoins! You are now, happily allowed to view your favorite television programs with the Bitcoins way of making the payments for the service! This awesome initiation has been taken by the popular Dish Network in satisfying the growing expectations of its customers, as quoted by the COO, Bernie Han!


Looks like, all of your essential needs can now be satisfied using the Bitcoins and therefore, owning them now, makes more sense, undoubtedly!


One of the best crypto robot available in the saturated market of trading is Crypto code

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Raw Week: Sweet Pea, Mint, and Fennel Soup

Looking for some healthy raw recipes to incorporate into your every day diet? Or maybe you’re thinking of trying out a raw detox of your own? This raw soup recipe from Judita Wignall’s newest book, Raw & Simple Detox (publishing February 2015), is sure to give you a great start. It’s perfect for winter detoxes or just trying out a new recipe.

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Sweet Pea, Mint, and Fennel Soup
Excerpted from Raw & Simple Detox by Judita Wignall

Fresh peas are one legume, besides green beans, that I can make an exception for when cleansing. They are easy to digest for most people and contain a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamin K for strong bones, lutein for eye health, vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and protein. The fennel and mint brighten up the flavor of this delectable soup, which can be enjoyed chilled or warmed.

Makes 2 servings
PREP TIME: 15 minutes
Plan Ahead: You will need 1½ cups (355.5 ml) Coconut Milk (see below)

1 cup fresh or frozen (150 g or 130 g) peas, thawed
½ cup (43.5 g) chopped fennel
1½ cups (355.5 ml) Coconut Milk (see below)
1 zucchini, peeled
¼ cup mint (24 g), loosely packed
2 tablespoons (30 ml) lemon juice
1–2 Medjool dates, pitted
1 tablespoon (10 g) chopped shallot
Salt and pepper to taste

½ bulb fennel, shaved
½ cup (75 g) peas

Process all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Adjust seasonings to taste. Pour into serving bowls and top with additional peas and thinly shaved fennel. Add more if you like your soup chunky.

Coconut Milk

Though you can buy premade coconut milk beverages in stores now, I love making my own and it only takes a few minutes. Plus, mine doesn’t have carrageenan and other questionable thickeners and emulsifiers. Instead, I use sunflower lecithin powder to keep the coconut fat from separating and hardening. Also, make sure to use only unsweetened and preservative-free shredded coconut.

Note: This is not the same thing as canned coconut milk, which is very concentrated.

4 cups (948 ml) warm water
2 cups (160 g) shredded coconut
2 tablespoons (16 g) lecithin powder or granules

Blend water and coconut for about 1 minute, then strain through a nut milk bag. Rinse out container and return the strained milk. Add lecithin and blend again. Store in an airtight glass jar in the refrigerator for 3–4 days. Shake well before using.

For a sweetened vanilla milk:

Few drops stevia or your favorite sweetener
Pinch of vanilla powder or 1 tablespoon (15 ml) vanilla extract

These are best to add in after you have strained out the pulp.

Raw and Simple Detox

Raw & Simple Detox is a guide to help you detoxify your body with simple, nourishing foods. Get your detox started with information on how to set up your kitchen, raw food techniques, and lifestyle advice. Then, use the 100 recipes included to improve your health, energy, immune system, memory, and digestion. Shopping lists, meal plans, and menus are included to help you easily plan meals and combine recipes for maximum effect. Whether you want to go on a day-long, multiple-day, or week-long cleanse, or add detoxifying meals to your regular diet, Raw & Simple Detox will help you reset your eating habits and live a healthier life!

Playing safe

There are a lot of important things about the trading market and it is expected that every trader atleast gets to know half of these so that he is not surprised or shocked when he steps his foot here for the first time. One of these is the volatility of the market. All of us know and the already traders here would have experienced and faced such volatile situations. This is something inevitable in this market and another important thing about this is that nobody can have their influence here on this. Volatility is nothing but the rise and fall in the prices of an asset that gets traded in the trading market. This is a statistical measurement that depends on the statistical deviation concept which all of us are very familiar with. This is nothing but the variation that a trader can expect in the prices of an asset due to the falling and the rising prices of the same.

Now that we have understood how this volatility is going to be a surprise to the traders, lets now take a look at how this situation can be handled or what a trader is supposed to do at such situations to brace himself from the unexpected losses. This blog would explain related things in detail for the benefit of the traders.

Playing safe

One best way to be safe and away from such situations is to stay out of such situations. Yes, it is better to make an investment and never turn our face towards it when there is a fluctuation. This might be a very simple fact when explained in words but is a very hard stuff when comes to reality. Not all traders would tolerate the loss of their investments or most of them would bear to see their deposits taking a massive hit.

Another important thing that every trader believes about this field is that `an investment that is made to stay in the market for a long time is profitable`; this is actually a myth, a misconception which every trader should understand and realise because market and its changes are unpredictable and nobody can have an influence on this. And this market is highly driven by corporate fundamentals and strategies that keep changing every now and then. So importantly every trader should know to stay safe and learn from his own experiences for this would be more acceptable and understandable.