Month: July 2014

Why Cryptocurrency Investment Practice Is The Best For Achieving The Financial Independence

No matter, whether you are an entrepreneur or a typical 9 to 5 job goer, every one of your desire is to achieve the much-attractive and more fulfilling financial independence, as with that comes your peaceful living. Although money could not buy everything on this earth, indeed, money has the capacity to make many things happen and that is why having them in appropriate number helps us to have a trouble-free life. That too if you can attain them in abundance without having to exhaust you, basically the financial independence, would you or anyone say no to that? Nah, this pleasing situation is offered by the cryptocurrency investment practice by the following impressive ways.


  • Settled future

Although the cryptocurrency movements are fluctuating, the experts around the globe are optimistic about its growth and dominance, which can reach an impressive million stature in the future. Yes, the pioneer Bitcoin is expected to reach over $1 million by 2020, which means owning them now, could help you enjoy financial independence in the future that too in the best way! What better way other than the cryptocurrency investment/trading practice is there to own these powerful digital coins!


  • Uncomplicated options

Venturing the cryptocurrency investment procedure is not any complicated when you utilize the technologically empowered means for the same. Yes, with the growing charm of the technology, such as the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, more automated cryptocurrency systems based on the above-two concepts have started appearing in the market, allowing the traders, including the novice ones to trade confidently, uncomplicatedly, and at the same time, profitably. If you are eager to know about one such system, click here!


  • Varieties

There are more than 900 cryptocurrencies in existence, as of 2018, each offering interesting benefits not limited only to the payment system. Which means, you can choose your desired one, which you believe could fetch you the favorable result aka the coveted financial independence and act accordingly! Can you name any other way of attaining the financial independence offers these many options? Impossible, isn’t it?


  • Security

The financial independence can also be achieved with your regular fiat currency investment procedures but, the concept of security is lost there. That is your fiat currencies can be easily looted by anyone and therefore, can’t guarantee you a trouble-free future. But, when you plan to earn the cryptocurrencies using the automated cryptocurrency investment procedure not only your financial independence is assured, also your currency and the future are secured as the security is tighter here and almost impregnable if you do not lose your private key!



Beginners can get knowledge and gain profits without their knowledge

To develop forex robot time taken is more than 1 year as it will involve advanced technology and complex algorithm; Daniel Roberts was a prominent financial expert with his experience in trading he created an application named Fintech limited which tool a year and half to complete the process of development and releasing the investment solution into the market. This is one of the best trading applications that are available in market with high rate of accuracy and also high winning ratio. All types of traders can use this application irrespective of their experience or level of usage. As the system works on complete auto-pilot mode it is very easy to use and can place trades automatically. Our team of top 10 crypto has made research on various teams and found this Fintech limited to be best without flaws and did not find any point which will disappoint us. In face our team found that this software to be legit, reliable and authentic trading system.  Creator Daniel is a well-respected person who has very good experience in trading, he had hired Ben who is a head analyst, he is not so good with crypto robot but he know how the market analyzing algorithm functions which made easy for him to acquire idea of designing a reliable income assembling solution. The process of development took place around 2 years and first phase of testing, Alpha testing was done by team members of this robot, next phase of testing is beta testing which will be done by people using this binary robot and changes mentioned by them in feedback will be taken by developers and make corrections according to them.

The software works in two different methods one is auto-pilot mode and manual mode which can be easily used by beginners and professionals. Beginners can get knowledge and gain profits without their knowledge; experienced people can apply different strategies and techniques for making investment. This software has been released in market before two years and users who are using it claimed it to be successful and, on our research, made we did not find anything abnormal or any point that will disappoint you and there is no negative comment from users who are already using it, final conclusion is that this robot is legit and remarkable. There are special features available in the software such as reverse trading option, customer support is available round the clock, payouts are done every hour. Learn here more about the robot on our website.

The ABCs Of HB Swiss

When a new trading system is introduced in the market, traders seem to lose their mind over it, primarily because everyone wants to make fast money but most of these systems only lead to more losses. Despite all of this, traders still look forward to something that is different from the rest and can be a game-changer in the Forex market. HB Swiss seems to be that solution and we will tell you why.

The hype around HB Swiss

There is no denying the fact that HB Swiss is continuously being searched for on Google by beginners and professional traders alike. It is a new ray of hope for beginners because almost all trading systems require a thorough knowledge of trading while the HB Swiss has a fully automated mode that can be used by people who have little or no information about trading.

How does the system work?

Signing up with the HB Swiss is absolutely free. Here are three simple steps in order to invest with the system.

  • The first step is to open a trading account. You do not have to pay a single penny in order to start trading.
  • The second step is to get your account activated. You will receive a list of brokers and you can choose any one you wish to. All the brokers hired by the system are proficient in their work.
  • The final step is to start reaping rewards and profits.

Is the system a scam?

Whenever a trading system becomes popular all of a sudden, speculations are bound to arise and the same happened with the HB Swiss. People were not sure whether the system is truly a solution or yet another scam. Rivals and competitors started spreading rumours about the system but on being tested time and again, the system proved its worth. While testing the system, there were no red flags and nothing alarming happened that could raise an eyebrow.

Great customer care

The fact that the HB Swiss has an excellent customer care system only adds to its appeal. Customer care is available round the clock and all through the week. It is also accessible in a number of languages so if you are not comfortable in English, you need not worry about it. the customer support system answers all your queries in details and you can get back to them whenever you wish to. In order to read more about this system, you can visit its official website.

Market Capitalization & Cryptocurrency Investment

Every other person seen around you is eager to venture the cryptocurrency investment procedure because such is the impact produced by these digital currencies and the technology known as the Blockchain that empowers them. Even for those who are still dizzy about the subject, a substantial proof in the name of ‘Market Capitalization’ of the cryptocurrencies is available, which has the ability to not only wipe out their confusions but, also, to encourage them to venture the practice of cryptocurrency investments with much positivity.


Yes, the Market Capitalization of the majority of the cryptocurrencies, especially the prominent ones, stands more than $1 Billion value with the Bitcoins topping the chart, unsurprisingly. If you are a seasoned trader, you would certainly know the importance of the market capitalization in determining the value and success of the asset involved but, if you are a newbie, let us show the real meaning and as well as the real power of this factor!


Market Capitalization


The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency means the total number of units/coins available in the market multiplied by the individual unit’s market price value. Therefore, higher the value, significant is the asset, as it shows the asset’s prominence in the trading market undoubtedly. As of April 2018, the market cap of Bitcoin stands approximately at $120 Billion, which shows, investing in them would certainly favor your financial future, appreciably! While the idea of relying on the market capitalization factor to decide the suitable cryptocurrency for investment is perfect in the case of prominent market players like the Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Litecoins, it might not be a fair method when it comes to the growing altcoins.


Yes, a recently introduced altcoin in the idea of capturing the attention of the trading market might venture the ways to hike its market cap value, where its developers can hold the majority of the coins, while the actual number of coins available to the traders are fewer. That is, the altcoin developers might claim there are these numbers of coins available, which they either hold or in the premine condition, done mainly to inflate the market cap value in the idea of luring the investors. One best example for the above case is the Auroracoin, whose market value once stood more than $1 billion is nowhere near to it now.

Therefore, it is also not advisable to entirely rely on the market cap factor to choose the specific cryptocurrency for investment, especially if the cryptocurrency is a nascent one. Once you have identified the suitable digital coin for you, trading or investing on them isn’t any brainer, which can be better understood by following this link



Homemade Grape Soda

I don’t know about you, but grape soda has always reminded me of my childhood. There’s something sweet and refreshing about it that makes it an excellent choice for summer time fun. But forget about the store bought neon purple variety… how about trying your hand at making your own soda? We have a great recipe for you from the new book Making Soda at Home by Jeremy Butler. It’s easier than you think (and you don’t even need a SodaStream!).

Want to see Jeremy make some sodas live? How about try some out? Be sure to find us at the Mother Earth News Fair in gorgeous Seven Springs, PA. We’ll be there from September 12-14.

Homemade Grape Soda
Excerpted from Making Soda at Home by Jeremy Butler

Grape soda is a classic flavor. It’s one that has been done by just about every bottler, but if not done right, it can be a really disappointing flavor. To get a nice grape character, the best thing to use is real grape juice. For a straight carbonation or a fermentation, full-strength or freshly squeezed grape juice can be used. For a
syrup-plus-seltzer soda, it would be wasting money and destroying flavor by boiling down grape juice to a syrup consistency. Use a frozen concentrate instead because that work has been done already and under much better controlled conditions to preserve flavor.

Syrup + Seltzer
1 3/4 cups (375 g) sugar
1 cup (235 ml) grape juice concentrate
1/2 cup (120 ml) water

(syrup for 1 gallon [3.8 L] finished soda; use 2 to 3 tablespoons [28 to 45 ml] per 8 ounces [235 ml] carbonated water, or to taste)

Straight Carbonation
1 3/4 cups (375 g) sugar
1 cup (235 ml) grape juice concentrate or 4 cups (950 ml) 100% grape juice
Water to top up to 1 gallon

2 cups (400 g) sugar
1 cup (235 ml) grape juice concentrate or 4 cups (950 ml) 100% grape juice
Water to top up to 1 gallon
1⁄8 teaspoon Champagne yeast or red wine yeast
1 g yeast nutrient

In a saucepan, combine the sugar and half of the grape juice concentrate or juice. If using the concentrate, also add an equal amount of water so the syrup doesn’t burn. Heat over medium-high heat until the sugar has dissolved and the syrup has boiled for about 5 minutes.

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For the syrup and seltzer method, remove from the heat and chill. Add the rest of the juice concentrate and then add the syrup to carbonated water.

For straight carbonation or fermentation, add the rest of the water and the concentrate or juice. For straight carbonation, chill the mixture before adding it to the keg or carbonator of your choice.

For fermentation, hydrate the yeast in ¼ cup (60 ml) or less of warm water. Add the hydrated yeast to the mixture after it has cooled to 10 to 15°F (5.5 to 8°C) above room temperature. Stir in the yeast nutrient.

Mix well and then bottle.

Yield 1 gallon (3.8 L )

Making Soda at Home

An icy cold, carbonated beverage is just the pick-me-up you need when the day really starts to wear you down. So, wouldn’t it be even more rewarding and fulfilling if you could make your own from scratch? Crafting a great carbonated beverage is easy! This informative guide to making soda at home is perfect for anyone looking to create delicious artisan drinks with or without a soda machine. Jeremy Butler breaks down the science of carbonation so you can discover recipes that are easily adapted for each of the three methods for carbonation. He even shows you how to make a soda bar, complete with kegerator, in your own home! Offering resources like homebrew forums, shopping guides, and industrial suppliers, all the information you need to make your own soda is right here. Once you master the bubbles, it’s time to add the syrups.

Making Soda at Home offers over 35 natural and healthy recipes to flavor your fizz. It even provides insider tips on creating your own recipes. Try refreshing coconut-lime or peach sodas on a hot summer day. Tonics like root beer, sassafras, sarsaparilla, and ginger ale are delicious with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. Brew expert clones of your favorite dews, peppers, pops, and colas with ease. There’s even a recipe for butter beer! Perfect for any do-it-yourself foodie, Making Soda at Home will have you drinking natural homemade soda in no time.

This software has never ceased to amaze us!

The confession first:

As reviewers of trading software, every day we keep getting requests from patrons of the websites to review any software that is on their mind so that they can be assured about their choices. We also get requests from the software itself and some that we suo motu review. On our part, we try to cover as many software that is humanly possible for us to. While our research and beta testing is done by a highly qualified team of members who have at least ten years of testing experience behind them, the final word is always from the top echelons of the company.

So, when you see a review dished out from our website, you must be sure that it is not only passed the best in quality check but is true to the best extent possible.

Snap cash review:

While we did receive a lot of request to review this one, the team took it up on a priority basis because we also received a copy of the software from the company itself. one thing is sure that when the creators or the promoters itself send you the software for testing, it only means that they are so assured about the legitimacy of the software that they do not even mind in submitting it to the reviewers who are best known for calling a spade a spade.

However, we have gone ahead and reviewed without any prejudices:

What we found was astonishing. With a current average winning rate of 86%, we found that the software pegged itself very realistically. Some software would nonchalantly claim to have an average winning rate of 100 percent which is not only difficult but highly impossible. Also, the nature of the binary option trading is such that it is difficult to maintain consistency in trading and the profit so expected.

A beta tester who opted to open a trading account on the software has clocked $5000 in a week!

This was unbelievable but yes this has happened and we have supported this with documents on our website as well. Another attempt gave out a profit of $4700 in week which we think is still quite good. The software has however performed much beyond everyone else’s expectations. The whole idea of beta testing is to help the traders zero in on the right software so that they can benefit and not lose out any money. We highly recommend this software. You can discover more here about the software. It is the green signal from all of us here!