What you need to run your rig

Get your bitcoins and altcoins in the simplest and quickest way through our mining software. The software allows you to generate coins in dual mode: either as an independent miner or as a part of mining pools.

Our history

We were a similar bunch of independent miners who came face-to-face with the upcoming competition and complexity in mining. We do not possess any distinguished degree in mining or trading but are the richest in the practical world of cryptocurrencies.

Understanding the challenges in this field and carrying out a thorough research on the shortcomings of the existing mining software companies, we designed this proficient medium of virtual currency income.


Our objective is one and we work as a cohesive force towards a specific goal: to enable the miners to generate as many coins as possible and satisfy their mining mind with consistent block rewards. We consist of:

  • Software programmers
  • Market watchers
  • Statisticians
  • Hardware experts
  • Economics analyzers

The mining software combines the power of futuristic technology, mathematical solving techniques, and lightning speed in action. We guarantee our users:

  • The most consistent positive results in hashmatching
  • The highest block rewards in a competitive season
  • The quickest guessing submission
  • Precise calculation and fastest display
  • Long-time circulation of newly generated coins
  • Most priority of coins in the trading market

Three steps and your coins are out:

  1. Registration with name and email id
  2. Linking with the account number
  3. Selection of coins and mining package

Carry out superfast mining in bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, and Dash by enrolling in either the standard package or the premium package without any deposit. With three consecutive wins, our miners get the bonanza of bitcoin or altcoin mining for two years as absolutely free.

What you need to run your rig

A moderately powerful computer system with an updated processor

An internet connection

An operating system with the middle-end generation software support

For best results, get a graphical user processor now.

Once you download the software, do not worry about the huge space and data it consumes in order to continuously run the open port. The software is created to be energy efficient and is a follower of green technology. Checkout our original testimonials on the website and the full review was given by number one miner of the season. Get the ultimate hash power today and fill your block kitty in seconds.