This application can be used on any operating system like IOS, Android, Mac or Windows.

Hans Berger is a Swiss national who has good experience in finance and is professional with process of trading; he developed a robot named HBswiss which was created by keeping complete knowledge and experience of Berger in it. The software has become very successful in very short period of time and this robot is completely different, it is innovative and unmatched in working when compared to robots that are available in market. Using this software, the profits can be generated easily and are constant, the algorithm used in this application is complex and advanced one which improves the ability of robot to catch the variations and changes that are going on in online market. User interface in this software is completely user-friendly which makes easy for people to use this automated system. There are high returns seen which was possible due to quantum technology used while designing the robot. Actually, Hans Berger has hired a team of professionals and also took help of his close friend named Bastian Hermann who was expert in quantum physics. The models implemented in designing will help to optimize the working process and execution of algorithm while trading and help robot to calculate the speed, rate of accuracy is more than 87%. The software was designed by taking base on theory of Grover and shor and their computing models.

There are no downloads or installations required for performing binary option trading, as this system is completely web-based application and can be used by any trader irrespective of their experience and they do not require any additional skills to perform trades as this works on complete auto-pilot mode, this application can be used on any operating system like IOS, Android, Mac or Windows.

The software is available for complete free of cost but it only accepts 10 people for day so user need to hurry up to secure a spot in this software, the most important reason why this software is free because, the accuracy of robot increases as the data and number of people using it increases and more users will be attracted to the system and the algorithm gets more powerful. The supporting team of this software is available 24/7 by different means: like phone, online and e-mail. The supporting team members are highly professional, supportive and give good response to their customers, whenever trader is in confusion or any problem he can take support from customer care, our site is the main helpful resource for traders.