Halloween Caramel Marshmallow Cookie Treats and a Giveaway!

HALLOWEEN—how did it start? Do you know?

Halloween is the night before the Celtic Christian Feast of All Hallows or All Saints Day, which is the time of year for celebrating the dead, including saints, and faithful departed believers. For reasons that are mostly personal, it seems that this ancient night of “feasting” is either your favorite celebration of the year or one that you really do not like at all. It is black and orange or white—no gray zones for the lovers or the naysayers of Halloween.

Win me! Find out how below.

For me, I love Halloween! What other day of the year do you have the opportunity to dress up and be whoever you want to be and eat whatever you want to eat … as long as it is all things sweet?

My daughter and her husband live in Ogden, Utah in an old fashioned neighborhood that is lovingly referred to as “The HOOD”. Most of their friends, who all have children, live within a block or two of each other so Halloween for these kids is just like out of a friendly family movie with a happy Halloween ending. Everyone dresses up, all of the yards are decorated, and each door is always open so that everyone is invited inside for dinner, drinks, and treats that just won’t fit into a bag.

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A perfect Halloween Party Treat among the “Friends of the Hood” is these Caramel Marshmallow Cookie Treats from Koralee Teichroeb’s book, Everything Goes with Ice Cream. The ingredients can be purchased before the big night and stored in these ceramic jars with chalkboard fronts for labeling. On Halloween morning after the kids are off to school the treats can be made and stored in the refrigerator until goblins, ghosts, knights, and princesses come to call.

For these families this is a holiday of make-believe and merriment and always a … Happy Halloween!


NOTE: These 4 adorable ceramic jars and more can be purchased from www.create-ologie.com.

Caramel Marshmallow Cookie Treats

Excerpted from Everything Goes with Ice Cream by Koralee Teichroeb

These treats can be made 2 ways: If you can’t find caramel bits you can make your own caramel. (I prefer

to make my own caramel, as this recipe is delicious and easy!) These sweet treats are made even sweeter

when you serve them on a stick.

Makes 6 to 8 bars on sticks

Butter, to grease pan

4½ graham crackers

1 1⁄3 cups caramel bits/Homemade Caramel

2 tablespoons whole milk

½ cup pretzels, crushed

½ cup white chocolate chips

½ cup salted peanuts

½ cup mini marshmallows

1 cup milk/semi-sweet chocolate chips

Parchment paper

Popsicle sticks

  1. Line loaf pan with parchment paper; grease with butter.
  1. Place graham crackers on bottom of prepared pan, cutting to fit if necessary.
  1. Melt caramel bits or Homemade Caramel with whole milk in microwave; stir until completely melted and

smooth. Pour over graham crackers and top with pretzels, white chocolate chips, salted peanuts, and

mini marshmallows.

  1. Melt milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips and spread over top evenly.
  1. Let cool completely in fridge before cutting into bars and adding Popsicle sticks. Put back in fridge until

ready to eat, as caramel can get runny.

Everything goes with ice creamyet we understand that the perfect dessert for all of us is not always a big bowl of ice cream. Not everyone loves ice cream, as hard as it is to believe! Which is why Everything Goes with Ice Cream is the book for all of us. It does, of course, have the easy-to-make homemade ice cream, but it also has 176 pages filled with other ideas for making a summertime snack covered in made-from-scratch sea blue candy sprinkles; s’mores and hot chocolate for winter; or an ooey gooey dessert whose magic ingredient is, of course, chunky chocolate fresh raspberry ice cream. Simple projects fill the pages too, including tiny candles made in tea cups, miniature no-sew cake banners, party pom poms, heart-shaped button covers for a special party blouse, and so many more.

Everything Goes with Ice Cream is filled with cute ideas, a fun layout, and fabulous photography to make you as happy as you are on a summer day with your grammy’s fresh peach ice cream pops covered in orange frosting sprinkles!