Banana and Nutella Milkshake and National Pots de Creme Day!

So I’ve been going through the “food holidays” calendar (as you do) and keep coming across these truly strange and marvelous holidays that I can’t help but share with you all. For example, today is both National Pots de Crème Day(we have a recipe for that) and Banana Lover’s Day. Now I’m not a big banana fan unless it involves chocolate in some way. So this recipe was obviously created with me in mind.

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Happy weird food holidays, SPOON fans!

Banana and NUTELLA Milkshake
Excerpted from NUTELLA by Ferrero

Tiny school-goers are sure to love this delicious NUTELLA-flavored milkshake!

Serves 2
Preparation time: 10 minutes

2 bananas
400 ml (1 3/4 cups) whole milk, chilled
3 tablespoons (42 g) NUTELLA
1 tablespoon (14 g) caster/superfine sugar
4 or 5 ice cubes

Peel and slice the bananas.

Blend the bananas for 1 minute with the chilled milk, NUTELLA, sugar, and ice cubes until the mixture is creamy and frothy.

Pour the milkshake in two two glasses and serve immediately.

Variation: You can replace the ice cubes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

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