Summer Cocktail Sunday: Corpse Reviver, recap of episode 3, ready for True Blood S6E04

I’m dead. This weekend killed me. Death by too much fun. So, the perfect cocktail to end the weekend and simultaneously get myself pumped for True Blood was the Corpse Reviver (#2).

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But first let’s recap last week’s episode, “Hide and Seek.”

I’m feeling some SPOILERS coming on.

 Eric just knows what he’s doing. I mean really knows. After over a thousand years, he knows just where to hit where it hurts. He kidnaps Governor Burrell’s daughter when he discovers that she has information that he wants. (We aren’t going to talk about the fact that the information is basically a secret government agency that is conducting experiments on vampires… coughcoughTheInitiativeBuffySeason4cough.)  As much as he protests, Eric seems to still hold power over Pam, Willa, the Governor, Tara, Ginger,  and more, but soon the tables will turn as they often do, and I don’t think that it’s going to be pretty. Eric’s group heads for asylum to our favorite screaming fangbanger’s house. Willa tries to seduce Eric and drink his blood – the girl ain’t stupid – and he dismisses the attempt, even adding a bit of sexiness to make the refusal burn just a bit more. Thank goodness. The Governor again outsmarts the smartest vampire and traces the call to Eric’s phone. This battle of wits is about to come to a head, but Tara takes Willa and runs. As Eric and Pam pursue them, Burrell is headed toward Ginger’s. But I don’t think that he will be down for long.  Following a captured vampire into the Initiative… I mean, government agency, the vampire is revealed to be Steve Newlin (yay!) There’s a pretty funny exchange between Sarah Newlin and the former preacher turned gay-vampire-American. Also, Sarah’s hair is fantastic. And with little-to-no torture, Steve spills the beans on Eric.  The Shreveport pack has to fend off some officers from finding out that they have Emma. I don’t really understand why they don’t just say that Emma is there living with her grandmother. With most of her family missing or dead, there is no one to refute that a blood relative can’t have custody. But I guess that won’t show us how absolutely psycho Rikki is, will it?  Saved by Nicole and her dorky activist boyfriend (who promptly gets eaten by a werewolf), Lafayette and Sam are pulling out the experience-with-supes card to warn the youngsters away from the situation. This scene also gives us some fabulous Lafayette-isms. I miss that man. And as the Shreveport pack rips open the still-protesting lungs of the college kids, Sam rescues Emma and Nicole because he is just basically that awesome.  Bill tells Jessica about his vision that she, Eric, Pam, and Tara will burn… notably, Bill isn’t included in the round up and we find out later that he can still burn. I’m intrigued. One thing is for sure; these scenes between Bill and Jess are amazing. Jess convinces Bill to let her go on a mission. A mission to capture a creepy scientist in order to make more synthesized blood. This is Bill’s chance to right the wrong he caused by blowing up the factories. You know, with another wrong.  Jason is a hurtin’ puppy and pops some pills just before Niall senses Warlow (or can he just sense vampires?) Grandpa Niall decides that he is going to take the fight to Warlow and heads to the Fairy bar where there has obviously been a massacre. Niall comes upon a dying fairy and sends him… into the light… though, I did liked that we are reminded that the fae are not as pretty as they appear. As Niall leaves, he bumps into a conveniently lurking Ben. My guess – Ben/Warlow was injured when he attacked the fairy club. If I’m right, Niall is disappointingly stupid.    Jason admits to Sookie that he has been hallucinating about their parents, and they have a cute little sister/brother moment. Bill arrives and enters Sookie’s house sans invitation, injuring Jason a bit more. He requests a bit of Sookie’s blood to synthesize the fairy blood so that vampires can walk in the sun. That’s some pretty epic stuff. When she refuses, their relationship crumbles. Sadface.  At the police station, Holly comes to complain to Sherriff Bellefleur and we notice that his fairy progeny is growing super fast. The best part is that Andy is so nonchalant about it all (Hand-lasers off!), even asking Holly on a date, a date that goes surprisingly well.  The episode once again ends on Bill.  He discovers that Andy has a few little daughters that smell of pungent fairy blood. We see that smirk, Bill. We’re a little terrified of it.


I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend and are ready to do bad things.

I found this recipe in a vintage cocktail book while sitting in my family’s lake house, built by my great-grandfather in 1901, surrounded by baubles and knacks from every decade since.

We had fun searching for vintage pieces for this photo shoot!

I chose this cocktail as it was the perfect drink, both in its name and theme. The obviously wonderful name was an excellent comment on my bodily state and the subject of True Blood.

Its vintage appeal was perfect for both the setting at the lake house, and for a vampire’s immortality.

Poignantly, this cocktail’s origin was a means to take the edge off the bender from the night before and shock you back to the land of the living. Anyway, this weekend definitely required a little hair of the werewolf that bit me.

Corpse Reviver #2 (Spoon featured this recipe before! Check it out here!)

Excerpted from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh

1 oz gin

1 oz Cointreau
1 oz Lillet Blanc
1 oz fresh lemon juice

1-3 drops (not dashes) Absinthe

1 cocktail cherry for garnish

-Shake in an iced cocktail shaker, and strain into a cocktail glass.

-Drop a stemless cherry into the bottom of the glass.

I feel very revived after drinking this and am absolutely ready for whatever is to come in tonight’s episode.

Are you ready, Trubies?


Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails

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