A Mini Interview with Pizza Expert Ruth Gresser

Pi Day (3.14) is such a fun occasion that I couldn’t help but follow up with a second post about pizza. Pizza chef and author Ruth Gresser was kind enough to share some insights into her world with us all. You are going to love her book, Kitchen Workshop—Pizza, which comes out early next year.Joining of the robot is has become compulsory for traders to make the process of performing trades as the robot became completely automated system and process of registration will be done in three simple steps: Fill the registration form by giving some details, make initial deposit, start trading , users can read full review on website of cyber mentors.

The Perfect Pizza
How do you make the perfect pizza?
The perfect pizza starts with a rustic, bready crust. Add a judicious scatter of high quality toppings, a sprinkle of salt, a grind or two of pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Cook it as quickly as possible at the highest temperature you can, and eat it right away. Makes me hungry just to think of it.
What’s the trick to getting that must-make-again crust?
There are many versions of that must-make-again crust—at least as many versions as there are pizza styles.  The key factors remain the same, making a moist rather than drier dough, letting it rise slowly over a long time, working it as minimally as possible, and cooking the pizza quickly at a high temperature.

What’s your favorite pizza?
Can I have 2? We have a pizza on the Pizzeria Paradiso menu called the Napoletana (tomato and mozzarella adorned with  basil, anchovy, and capers) that makes the list. The second has no name or pedigree. Dough topped with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, and oregano. After cooking, lay a couple of slices of Prosciutto di Parma on top. The pungency and robust flavors of the few ingredients belie the simplicity of both pizzas.
Ruth Gresser is the owner of Pizzeria Paradiso and Birreria Paradiso in Washington D.C. She has appeared in The Washington Post Magazine and The Washington Business Journal, and she has done demonstrations for The Smithsonian Institute. Gresser is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier and the Board of Directors for Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.
Kitchen Workshop–Pizza hits the shelves next February.
With help from Kitchen Workshop—Pizza you’ll be a pizza expert in no time! This easy-to-navigate book is a complete curriculum for making your own pizza using a regular home oven. Level 1 contains lessons on how to make different crusts, including New York, Chicago, Neapolitan, whole grain, and gluten free. You’ll also learn a variety of tomato sauces, from slow cooked, to chunky, to roasted. Top them off with the right cheese, be it shredded mozzarella, Pecorino, or vegan mozzarella. Level 2 introduces you to the Italian standards: Margherita, Marinara, Quattro Formaggio—there’s even a calzone recipe! Put a twist on your pie with the creative innovations in Level 3: how about a Moroccan or shrimp pizza? And finally, design your own pie in Level 4, with lessons on sauces, proteins, vegetables, and accents.
From dough to delicious, Kitchen Workshop—Pizza is sure to inspire both novice and expert home chefs in the timeless tradition of pizza making.