Warren Bobrow, Klaus, and Apothecary Cocktails: A Behind the Scenes Look

I know it’s Fan Friday, but all of my awesome and amazing fans are cooking up something for upcoming posts, so I thought I’d give you all a behind-the-scenes look at one of our upcoming books, Apothecary Cocktails. Warren Bobrow is the Cocktail Whisperer and, believe me, you’re going to want to pick up this book (it publishes in November 2013).

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I sent Catherine (our illustrious marketing manager) behind-the-scenes with Warren on the photo shoot for Apothecary Cocktails. Here is her experience.

Our acquisitions editor, Jill with Warren and Klaus (the gnome)


Klaus the gnome 😉


A wide array of delicious spirits


Overseeing the shoot


Some awesome props


The gang on the shoot


Photo shoots sound so exciting don’t they? When I discovered that Warren Bobrow and his buddy Klaus (yes, he’s a gnome…) were in town doing a photo shoot for Warren’s new book, Apothecary Cocktails, I begged our senior acquisitions editor, Jill, to let me come down and meet them on my lunch break.


Warren and Klaus came up from New Jersey to shoot 40 photos for his book. To accomplish this, Warren had to bring the supplies he would need to create 40 different cocktails. These unusual liquors come from all over the world and are the best he could find. His goal is to mix a drink that blends so perfectly that not one ingredient over takes another. As a bonus, these drinks are also full of nutrients that can help with certain ailments. Beats the taste of grape liquid medicine hands down!


Photographer Glen Scott, his assistant Jen, and our art director Rachel were on hand to review each photo on the computer after it was taken.


I believe Klaus is Warren’s good luck charm. He has traveled the world with Warren and even has his own fan page.  I am a Klaus groupie—it’s the hat.

Learn more about Warren Bobrow by checking out this great article from Wild River Review and his amazing food review on Saveur.com.  

At the turn of the century, pharmacies in Europe and America prepared homemade tinctures, bitters, and herbal remedies mixed with alcohol for curative benefit for everything from poor digestion to the common cold. Today, trendy urban bars such as Apothke in New York, Apo Bar & Lounge in Philadelphia, and 1022 South in Portland, as well as “vintage” and “homegrown” cocktail aficionados, find inspiration in apothecary cocktails of old.

Now you can too!

Apothecary Cocktails features 75 traditional and newly created recipes for medicinally-themed cocktails. Learn the history of the top ten apothecary liqueurs, bitters, and tonics that are enjoying resurgence at trendy bars and restaurants, including Pechaud’s Bitters, Chartreuse, and Vermouth. Find out how healing herbs, flowers, and spices are being given center stage in cocktail recipes and traditional apothecary recipes and ingredients are being resurrected for taste and the faint promise of a cure. Once you’ve mastered the history you can try your hand at reviving your favorites: restoratives, sedatives, toddys, digestifs, and more.

Whether you’re interested in the history, the recipes, or both, you’ll love flipping through this beautifully presented book that delves into the world of apothecary cocktails.