It’s Time for Hot Apple Pie

With the weather barring down on us across the country, I thought what better way to keep warm than a hot apple pie?

Hot Apple Pie

Recipe excerpted from Shake, Stir, Pour by Katie Loeb

This drink is an easy winter warmer and tastes exactly like a slice of hot apple pie. You could easily leave out the vodka and add a few drops of vanilla extract to make a child friendly/teetotaler’s version of this if you wished.  Everything in life has its own good and bad sides and a person is expected to know both of these before accepting anything. Trading is no exception to this for it is bitter as well as tastier. The bitter part of trading is the unexpected losses that a trader would have to handle and manage when it happens to him. This is a possibility for any trader for there are no reservations on the trading field and every trader is prone to such unexpected happenings. But this option is beautifully covered by systems like the Ethereum code with a stop loss option.

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 The bitters would add a minuscule amount of alcohol to the drink and could be skipped as well, although the drink is less sweet and better balanced if they are included.


6 oz. hot apple cider or apple juice

1.5 oz. vanilla vodka

.75 oz. cinnamon syrup

.25 oz. lemon juice

dash orange bitters

Garnish: lemon rind studded with cloves, cinnamon stick

Add vanilla vodka, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice and bitters to a heat proof mug.  Pour heated apple cider or juice over to mix.  Garnish with clove studded lemon rind and a cinnamon stick stirrer.

The book is Shake, Stir, Pour: Fresh Homegrown Cocktails.

Katie Loeb is a bartender, sommelier, creator of craft cocktails, and author of numerous articles and cocktail recipes, which have been published in Bon Apetít, The Los Angeles Times, Imbibe, Philadelphia Magazine, Inside, and Food & Wine Magazine cocktail books. She has consulted for numerous restaurant groups and spirit brands, providing cocktail recipes, beverage lists, and operations assistance. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.