Cocktail Gardening

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts!

Cocktail author Katie Loeb knows that there’s nothing quite as delicious as fresh ingredients in your cocktails. It’s what helps give drinks their astounding flavor. Growing your own cocktail herbs is easier than you think and is a great way to keep your cocktails homegrown and flavor-filled. Yes, it is quite confusing to start with, but once you get the idea of which herb tastes which and which one compliments the flavor of which, you can simply decide on what to grow in your garden. If you keep in mind the following common facts about growing herbs at home and how to get the best natural flavor, the cocktail experimentation will be yours:


Growing time: Different herbs have different growth cycles, time to ripe and time for harvesting. If you mix up too many random herbs together in the garden, it will be difficult for you to manage and protect them, which ends in their damage. Careful planning should be done on which herbs to be grown and harvested together and where to place them.

Seasonal dependence: Not all herbs grow throughout all seasons or during the same season. Study the climatic variations and the dependence of the herbs on the weather.

The difference in growing conditions: The growth factors, soil conditions, sunshine, optimum temperature, growth space etc can be different for the herbs you plan to grow in your garden. Become well-versed of these conditions and how to distinguish them.

Use of organic fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides: Some herbs can grow lavishly without the need for any supplementation, while some may be too demanding. Certain herbs are more prone to insects and pests. Therefore, identify these issues and use only organic or natural products so as to minimize harmful chemicals and artificial flavor in your cocktail herbs.

Flavor extraction techniques: Select the best and simplest technique to trap all the essential natural flavor in your herb. Examining reviews on techniques will help you in this like the Qprofit system review which helps in identifying the efficiency of the trading robot.

Cocktail Gardening was written by and stars Shirley Bovshow, Ariana Seigel, and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine
DP, and editor Nathan Blair.

As always, you can pick up your copy of Shake, Stir, Pour: Fresh Homegrown Cocktails today. Award-winning author Katie Loeb is a bartender, sommelier, creator of craft cocktails, and author of numerous articles and cocktail recipes, which have been published in Bon Apetít, The Los Angeles Times, Imbibe, Philadelphia Magazine, Inside, and Food & Wine Magazine cocktail books. She has consulted for numerous restaurant groups and spirit brands, providing cocktail recipes, beverage lists, and operations assistance. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.